“You are going to be amazed… watching this film is like seeing all your dreams come true.”

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“Signe Taylor’s Circus Dreams brings us to a world we’ve never seen, charms us with young people dedicated to living their dreams, and enthralls us with their performances.”


“The talent and determination of these kids is only slightly more astonishing than director Signe Taylor’s ability to instantly suck you into their lives: their triumphs, their failures, their aspirations, their injuries, and their achingly awkward explorations of young love…. Great for all ages.”

The Stranger: Seattle’s Number 1 Weekly Newspaper

“Director Signe Taylor has a good eye for focusing on… compelling characters … with something they really care about at stake ....”

Movie City News MCN: Hollywood’s Home Page

“An extraordinary window into this country’s only traveling youth circus…”

Art New England

“Viewers of all ages will be intrigued and entertained, even, perhaps, inspired to run away and join the circus themselves.

The Enterprise Newspaper CapeNews.net

Download Circus Dreams poster and publicity stills

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Publicity stills
Jacob Bloom, Nate Stein Sharpe and Eric Allen - credit Harry Powers 4.3mb JPG
Joy Powers and Maddy Hall - credit Harry Powers 5.7mb JPG
Joy Powers - credit Harry Powers 7.1mb JPG
Signe_Taylor with Daughter - credit Joel Stettenheim 5.7mb JPG
Thea Ulrich, Katie Sickels, Greylin Nielsen - credit Harry Powers 4.5mb JPG